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All Possibilites

Anything Bully related.
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All Possibilites

Postby Karbonated » Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:26 pm

You know all whatever57010's series that focuses on messing with every mission detail in Grand Theft Auto V and San Andreas? I want to do the same, except for Bully: Scholarship Edition.

This is where I need your help; I want to see suggestions of what possibilities should be explored in missions, minigames, or anything else. While I have got some down so far out of my own head, I want to see as many suggestions as possible.

- Explored possibility
+ Unexplored possibility
* Good for Speedruns

Chapter 1
Welcome to Bullworth
- The first time the mission is started, you can go into the Boy's Dorm, but Jimmy cannot change into his uniform.
- Jimmy can buy some Beam Cola before he can go into the office.
- The arcade machine inside the Boy's Dorm is out of order, though sounds can be heard.
- Getting knocked out or busted by the prefects causes the mission to start all over or at from the Chapter introduction cutscene after Jimmy meets Crabblesnitch. (Where the player is at)
- The shortcut across the fence at the Boy's Dorm yard will be blocked off, likely for the fighting tutorial. The fence near the Auto shop is blocked as well.
- The Bully in the fighting tutorial cannot be beaten without having to humiliate him.
- Gary can be beaten after he is first met by Jimmy, getting him knocked out will fail the mission.
- If you push Gary into a trash can, the mission will fail. Same goes for insulting.
- Getting knocked out or busted after meeting Pete sends Jimmy back to his dormitory.
-- Getting knocked out after changing back to normal outfit does the same.
- Getting knocked out or busted outside sends Jimmy to the Infirmary.
- You cannot go into the back entrances of the academy to trigger the next mission.

+ Access the boy's dorm via a mod while trying to skip the tutorial
+ Enter the Academy from another classroom via a mod to trigger the next mission.

This Is Your School
- Wasting all of $50.00 to pay Russell will automatically give the player $2.00
- Russell runs away to nowhere and can't be beaten up.
- Stuff from other lockers cannot be stolen before the lock-picking tutorial.
- Prefects cannot be harassed or pushed into trash cans when the trouble meter tutorial starts.
- The Prefect chases Gary to near the front entrance.
- You don't have to stay in the trash can to wait and avoid the Prefects. The Trouble Meter will go
down automatically.*
- You cannot harass Eunice. If she gets attacked, the mission will fail.
- Constantinos can be beaten up, paid, or harassed.
- Jimmy can kiss Eunice as much as he likes.

+ See if Russell can be beaten up in any way
+ Try and beat up Gary during the Trouble Meter Tutorial
++ Where does he exactly run to after he harasses Jimmy?
+ Try and shove Constantinos into a bin or toilet

Chemistry 1 Interlude
- Time will move slower by two seconds rather than one, like in GTA IV and V.
- If Jimmy doesn't make it to the class in time, the "mission" will fail and start over from when the clock
is introduced. The same goes for when he gets busted by the prefects or knocked out.
-- Normally when he gets busted by the Prefects, he will automatically be sent to class.
- No matter how Jimmy tries to enter a building when the "mission" fails, he will be sent back to the part
where he has to go to class.
- The "Class Schedule" notice on the bulletin board is posted for the first time.
-+ Via going into the Girl's Dorm attic at the same time the class starts/"mission" fails,
Jimmy can almost skip Chemisty 1.*
-- Via this glitch, he can get stuck but time will pass normally. By the time he passes out, he will wake up
normally and the "mission" will start over.
- The Arcade machine will finally be accessed after this mission.

The Setup
- The mission will fail if Davis got away.
- You don't have to beat up the Bullies to open the gate, or when Jimmy battles Davis. Though, it will be a lot harder then.*
+ Try and beat up Davis before the miniboss fight starts

- The windows on the trashed bus cannot be broken with any other weapon, including the rubber band ball or
a Super Slingshot.
-- They CAN be broken with a Firecracker, which can be obtained normally from completing Chemistry class.
- If Jimmy skateboards way ahead of Gary, he will automatically be teleported to the next objective.
- Jimmy has to climb the tree within a time limit if he drops down.
- You can hit Mr. Burton with the slingshot. Though if he keeps getting hit, he will get knocked out and the mission will fail.
- You cannot knock out the Jocks with the Stink Bombs.
- The Jocks can be knocked out with weapons other than the slingshot and stink bombs.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
I haven't got proper video recording equipment on my PC yet, and I'm using Windows 10, which is considered to be very crash-prone to Scholarship Edition.

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