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What could be something that would ruin Bully 2 for you?

Anything Bully related.
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King Cobra
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Re: What could be something that would ruin Bully 2 for you?

Postby King Cobra » Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:02 am

I find it quite questionable at this point in what R* plans for the future of Bully. It's been YEARS now and they have yet to say anything.

On that, I do have some things that I would want/not want for the game:
  • I would want Bully 2 to at least follow the same theme as the first one. It's what made it unique.
  • Console exclusive. This is rare with R* but still leaves people unhappy.
  • Bully Online. While I like the idea of co-op and online in general, this can be a risky move from R*. If done wrong this alone will trash Bully 2. An online Bully 2 would need to be built from the ground up to fit the theme properly.
  • As Swegta said, paywalls. This is something that most people dislike in general and is abused by companies to get more money. "DLC" is rarely dlc but just original content chopped out and saved for later.
  • R* somewhat failed the original Bully with the map size being quite small and nothing to do after the story. If another Bully game comes along, I expect a larger map with more life and content.
    If anything kills an open world game is finishing the story only to walk the map in circles after you're done.
  • Content limitations. With people like Anita Sarkeesian and other "activists" covering just about every game released, they will bitch about anything to get attention. This usually causes companies to remove content that was perfectly fine to begin with.

    When the original Bully came out, Jack Thompson was who tried to make the game seem as if it was actually about Bullying and would make children do just that. He also tried to go against several other games including Halo and the GTA series.

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New Kid
New Kid
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Re: What could be something that would ruin Bully 2 for you?

Postby heavyweaponsbellic » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:31 pm

Rockstar taking the route they are taking with GTA 5 and putting all resources into online instead of adding new content into singleplayer.
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Getting Somewhere
Getting Somewhere
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Re: What could be something that would ruin Bully 2 for you?

Postby Micavolg » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:33 am

If it had a terrible and boring story and micro transactions

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Lucky the greaser
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New Kid
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Re: What could be something that would ruin Bully 2 for you?

Postby Lucky the greaser » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:51 pm

What would ruin Bully 2 for me is if they use the same cliques all over again instead of making new ones.
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