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Monster Raving Loony Party - Manifesto 2017

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Monster Raving Loony Party - Manifesto 2017

Postby quinnsane » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:49 pm

Hey all! I found this absolutely hilarious and just thought I ought to share it with you.
This is the Manifesto of the 2017 General Election by the Monster Raving Loony Party (A genuine party, that can be elected in the UK)

A.AIR bags will be fitted to the Stock Exchange immediately, ready for the next crash.

B. BRITAIN will exit Europe and join the Duchy of Cornwall to benefit from tax exemptions.

C. CAPITAL Punishment will be opposed on the grounds that it is unfair to Londoners.

D. DATA will be secured, placed in a brown bag and hidden in the PM’s socks and pants drawer.

E. Education. All University Tuition fees for women would be free as we are strong believers in Female intuition. (Due to gender equality laws we would include males as well)

F. FRIVOLOUS Fraud Office setup to inspect fraud too silly for the Serious Fraud Office.

G. GREYHOUND racing will be banned to prevent the country going to the dogs.

H. HALF the grey squirrels will be painted red to increase the red squirrel population.

I. INNOCENT prisoners will be released in order to reduce prison overcrowding.

J. JOBSEEKERS will be made to stand two abreast in order to halve dole queues.

K. KIDS will be made to sit closer together on smaller desks in to reduce school class sizes.

L. LONDON Marathon free to anyone finishing in sub-2 hours wearing large clown’s shoes.

M. MEGA carwash will be created by punching holes in the roof of the Channel Tunnel.

N. NATIONAL debt will be cleared by putting it all on our credit card.

O. OAPS will qualify for a Summer Ice Lolly Allowance if temperatures exceed 70 degrees.

P. PUDDLES deeper than 3 inches will be marked by a yellow plastic duck.

Q. QUITTERS will be encouraged not to start in the first place to improve their self esteem.

R. REGULATIONS concerning car boot sales will be relaxed to permit selling of all car parts.

S.STAMP duty will be cancelled as stamps are expensive enough without having to pay duty.

T.TERRORISTS will be made to wear Bells and Horns so we know where they are.

U.UNRULY teenagers will be superglued together as if you can’t beat them, join them.

V. VEHICLES will be fitted with bungy ropes in order to save fuel on the return journey.

W. WIND farms will be created nationwide, where breaking wind will be encouraged.

X. X-RAY machines will be manned by a skeleton staff.

Y. YELLOW lines will be painted where you can park instead of where you can’t to save money.

Z. ZEBRA crossings will be made permissible to all animals wishing to cross the road.


Personally I think there needs to be more of this sort of thing, instead of genuine politics.
If you want to read more, you can check it all out on their website at

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Re: Monster Raving Loony Party - Manifesto 2017

Postby Owen. » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:15 pm

I think this is great
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Re: Monster Raving Loony Party - Manifesto 2017

Postby CheesyBorders » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:04 am

This is fucking incredible, lmao

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