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I really hate feminism

Anything that may be considered controversial.
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Getting Somewhere
Getting Somewhere
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I really hate feminism

Postby Micavolg » Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:09 am

I believe women should have the same rights as men but modern feminism is just a problem,feminists today just get angry about anything even if it doesn’t have anything to do with what there fighting for,and their trying to make men less equal than women,it also seems like they want to just exterminate all men like when one feminist aborted her baby just because it was a boy,I do get why feminism is a thing but now feminists are taking everything to far.

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King Cobra
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Re: I really hate feminism

Postby King Cobra » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:00 am

This is mainly due to people like Anita Sarkeesian. She is the main spokesperson when it comes to feminism. Unfortunately she has moved it in the wrong direction.

She focuses on games and other digital media being the issue in feminism rather then the real world. She also drives women to have a victim mentality where men just need to serve them whatever they want.

Most people are against this and want women to be strong for themselves. Having that frail mentality doesn't make life any better for women. This is unfortunately washing off onto many of the younger females of this generation.

Feminism was about forming equality between both men and women. It was a great idea and most people supported it. But feminism like most movements, lacked any kind of a leader to keep things on the right path.

A movement requires leadership and a path to follow to avoid losing direction and progress. When you pull an idea out of your ass, good or bad, people will jump on board and modify it to what they see as the better version.

If I stand 100 people in a line, say something on one end of that line, it will get passed down the line and eventually change when it comes out the other end. Common human error. This is why guidelines need to be written in stone as a reference to follow.

Even religions have better standing than feminism, because at least the people have something to follow and refer to.

There still remains a few true feminists who follow the original ideas of what it was about, but Sarkeesian uses her fanbase to keep them quiet.

Her common ploy is to appear as a victim of harassment online. She uses this victim perspective as a way to leverage others into supporting her as if she's a war hero who was captured and had horrible experiences.

She makes all of her arguments one sided towards women only. What she ignores is that men are going through the very same things. Simply having a reputation on youtube is enough to be harassed.

When the vidcon event took place, she openly insulted a male youtuber who criticized her in the past while she was on stage. Rather than eject her from the event, the vidcon staff APOLOGIZED to her and protected her.

Now everyone hates vidcon. They said that anyone who criticized another youtuber would not be allowed to the event.

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