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God of War

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:07 pm
by King Cobra
For those of you who plan on getting God of War, I thought starting a topic on it would be interesting for both new and long time fans. This is clearly going in a new direction while keeping the original history of the series.

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I find it slightly fishy that certain people were given review access to the game prior to release. Especially seeing that most if not all reviews have been positive.

I've lost trust in any form of gaming "journalism" some time ago. Hell, most of the people making reviews and articles can't even understand basic controls and play games properly. To trust such reviews is a roll of the dice.

I trust a random youtube review more than most sources. At least I can see gameplay that shows the true experience you'll get. It's better to see gameplay and make your own judgment than trust any of these "news" outlets.

Many long time fans of this series are not happy with the new direction. The thing we need to consider though is: what else was there?

This series reached the point where to continue such a path would become repetitive and stale. The gaming community in general is evolving to a far more mature group who wants games that have some depth.

Many are comparing God of War to the existing Last of Us. They both carry a relationship with an adult and kid building a relationship with rough patches along the way. Last of Us has become the stepping stone and reference of how to make a good story with 2 characters working together.