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Favorite genre?

Video game related discussions.
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King Cobra
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Re: Favorite genre?

Postby King Cobra » Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:35 pm

Some people hate games that have that really grind-ish feel when trying to obtain items. I enjoy searching for materials and grinding for rare items. Warframe is a great example of this. I've played Warframe for a long time now. Soon be rank 19. Dying Light was another great example of material searching.

I always enjoyed stealth and horror as well. They are games that are unfortunately vanishing or losing quality to attract the mass audience.

Resident evil did this. They lost the horror for the addition of action to hopefullt attract other players. That idea bit them in the ass and now the latest Resident Evil is attempting to return to horror.

Stealth is something that has also vanished over time. Metal Gear Solid series was always a big one until recently. Splinter Cell was stealth focuses until its most recent games being not so impressive to the core audience. Syphon Filter had minor stealth in it but not much. Prior to that I played Tenchu, which I've always wanted to see another of come along.

2 of the biggest mistakes I see constantly made in games is the world not being alive and the economy. I've played games with an amazing story but a dead world when you explore it later. Nothing to do. This is like a straight down drop in keeping the player attracted to the game.

Economy of whatever currency, it needs to be balanced. There's the income and what you spend it on. To just pile up currency is boring after a while if you have nothing to spend it on.

It's a system of money in and money out. It gives the player a goal. Lack of a market leaves little attraction. You need to either balance your currency or do what Fallout 4 did, use trading/bartering as a way to move things on the market.

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