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General Rules of Conduct

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:48 pm
Welcome to the BullyMods!
Here's a list of general rules to abide by:
* Don't act dumb. If we think you're acting out of line then we (the staff) have the right to kick you off the site.
* No spamming.
* Don't post anything illegal (Piracy, CP etc.)
* Follow the section rules provided wherever you see them.
* Don't advertise your shit here unless a staff member has given you permission to do so.
* Don't post several times in a row unless it's clearly permitted. Edit your previous post instead.
* Sabotaging threads is prohibited and may result in you losing the ability to post in that thread's section.

If you follow the rules, and treat everyone with respect then you'll have no problems.
* NOTE: The General Rules of Conduct may change.