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Gary’s revenge

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Getting Somewhere
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Gary’s revenge

Postby Micavolg » Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:07 am

Jimmy is sitting in his empty dorm room,alone pete was missing ,kidnapped by Davis never got back because of the difficultly in the mission,jimmy is alone until Gary comes in knocks him down and forces jimmys butthole open with a screwdriver then forces drum sticks up his ass and then butt rapes him destroying his intestines and leaving a gaping hole where his ass was,jimmy screamed and screamed a little kid called Sheldon heard and helped then kicked him in the neecaps while Gary was making the hole bigger,when Gary was done he shoved a firecracker up the gaping hole then jimmy blew up as zoe walked up and Gary,sheldon and Zoe had a threesome together as jimmy layed there.

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