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Bully, In An Alternate Universe

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Bully, In An Alternate Universe

Postby gtaguy2 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:26 pm

Jimmy was riding in the car towards Bullworth, "Jimmy, please say something." Jimmy's mom said. "HUH, WHAT!" Jimmy replied, he had been asleep. "Oh, sorry i thought i heard that faggot ass bitch in the driver's seat." "THAT'S ENOUGH, GOD DAMN, YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Jimmy's mom said. "You've upset your mother! I've got half a mind to beat you-" The faggot ass bitch in the driver's seat said. "Half a mind is wrong, you don't have a mind, dumbass muthafucka." "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU, luckily we won't have to deal with you after we drop you off, we're going on an endless honeymoon, meanwhile when you complete this you have an endless summer." "Oh, shit. Here we go again." Jimmy heard that come from outside his window so he looked and saw CJ. "Hey, motherfucker." He yelled out the window. "Why are you in Bullworth and not San Andreas?" "Mods, bitch!" CJ replied.

The pulled up to the prison. "Here we are boy, Bullworth Prison" Jimmy's step dad said. "Have fun Jimmy, I'll shit on your desk." "Whatever." Jimmy replied. "Sup, bitch" Jimmy wheeled around. "Oh, i thought you were Chad Warden." he said. "No, bitch, I'm Mrs. De Santa. Welcome to Bullshit- I mean Bullworth Prison. I'm sure you'll be very miserable here, very miserable indeeed. Anyway, I can't spend my life waiting for naughty little boys. I've got a man to suck off. The headmaster is expecting you to do that, though *to herself* lucky motherfucker." "Ok." Jimmy replied, and turned away. "The headmaster is in his study, dumbass, in the MAIN building. Don't keep him waiting. *Whispered to Jimmy* He gets mad if he gets soft before someone pleases him. So, go"

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