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The Ballad of Billy the Bully: Part 2

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The Ballad of Billy the Bully: Part 2

Postby ZmanEnterprises » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:20 pm

Chapter 2

It has been a couple of weeks since Billy arrived at bullworth, and halloween was here. Billy had gotten done with classes for the day and came back to his room to find gary dressed as a nazi like characer in his bed. Gary said "I put a costume in your closet. put it on." Billy went to his closet hoping nothing was stolen. He looked inside to see a skeleton costume. he also looked in the drawer to see if his pokemon cards were still there, and they were. Billy put on the costume while gary was still in the room, akwardly staring while Billy got dressed. Billy thought petey would be the one to do something like that. "Whats goin on?" Billy asked. "Oh nothing, i was just lying here, wishing i was you." Gary said sarcastically. "Ya whatever", Billy said annoyed. "what else is going on?" "let's see... ITS HALLOWEEN!!!! All the prefects are at some orgy, and the kids are torturing Bobo the Funny man. I'd say the opportunities for fun are pretty much nil." "An orgy?! what the fuck?" Billy asked in horror.

Ignoring him gary said "Let's go get Pete. I got him a really nice costume." Jimmy followed.
A red haired Bully jumped in-front of Gary and Jimmy.
"I'm Troy the Riddler!" the Bully proclaimed loudly while onlookers stared in horror.
"More like Troy the Kiddie Fiddler." Gary mumbled.
"Shut up.
To get to your friend Pete Kowalski, you must answer these questions three." Troy said as he performed a jig.
Jimmy walked over to Troy and kicked him in the nuts.
"Ahh! You dick!" Troy screamed.
"Okay fine, he's in the dumpster behind the dorm!"

Billy and Gary went around the back of the dorm to find pete performing fellatio on Bobo the pedo man. "Petey!" Gary shouted "get that cock outta your mouth! you don't know where its been!" Petey turned and made a creepy grin "yes i dooooo" he sang. Billy remembered that Petey kissed his cheek once and made a mental note to wash with boiling water later. "Let's go pull pranks on some innocent kids!" Gary maniacally shouted.
"Please stop yelling." Billy said.
Gary pulled out a wrapped up piece of paper from his pocket along with a tape roll which he then used to put a piece of tape on the top end of the paper.
"Take this 'Kick Me!' note and stick it on the back of one of the jew- I mean nerds." Gary said. Billy took the note and ignored Gary's nazi like tendencies. Billy stuck the sign onto Sheldon and watched as a bully went up behind him and stabbed him. "HOLY SHIT!" Billy yelled. He ran up to Sheldon and saw the sign said something much worse. it read: "Nickelback isn't that bad" Then Billy understood. All of a sudden a bunch of naked prefects burst through the school doors, and rushed to Sheldon's unconscious body. "Goodness gracious!" Pete exclaimed while flapping his arms flamboyantly.
"Just as I planned!" Gary laughed as the Bully who stabbed the child walks past them.
"Man, 'Kick Me!'-notes have gotten extreme." Billy said.
"There was a 'Kick Me!'-note?" the Bully stopped and asked. Gary interupted, "c'mon i've got a plan for some fun!" he ran to the field beside harrington house, and petey and billy followed. Gary turned to them and said "We're gonna feed Pete some of this rancid meat." Gary explained.
"Wait for him to take a dump. . ."
"What the hell? I'm out of here!" Pete yelled.
"Quick, Billy! Hold him down!" Gary shouted as the duo pinned the feminine child onto the ground.
After a lengthy struggle the job was finished and Pete had been forcefed the rancid meat.
"Okay, so what's next? I really want to see where this prank is heading, Gary." Billy curiously asked.
"Prank? What are- Oh! Yeah. Uh Yeah. Prank. Let's go to the teacher's lounge." Gary said as Billy followed.
Billy and Gary quickly marched towards the teacher's lounge while Pete now in agony rolled around crying on the ground covered in his own feces.

Billy and Gary Reached the teachers lounge with a bag of petey poo in hand. Gary turned to billy and said "watch this, faggot!" Gary cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted: "HEY BURTON! THERE'S SOME NAKED KIDS OUT HERE!!!" the door swung open and mr. burton said, "if this is chris Hansen again i'm gonna kill some on- " Before he could finish, Gary threw a handful of Pete's bloody diarrhea in Burton's face" Gary then sprinted away. Burton shouted "dammit, not again! Every FUCKING YEAR!" Billy stood there dumbfounded at what just happened, but ran before mr. burton could clear the feces from his eyes.

Billy ran back to the dorm. walking into the dorm out of the corner of his eye he saw someone taking a dump to the left of the dorm. he'd gotten used to seeing this so he just ignored it and walked in. he went into his room and set his traps for pete in the middle of the night. he was tired but it wasn't 7pm just yet, so he just sat down and ogled his pokemon card collection until 7pm hit and he could finally pass out.

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Re: The Ballad of Billy the Bully: Part 2

Postby gtaguy2 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:52 pm

I came from the stream

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Re: The Ballad of Billy the Bully: Part 2

Postby Ze Voidah » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:27 pm

lol ss_gary
a young boy who like to make a thing lol

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Re: The Ballad of Billy the Bully: Part 2

Postby Im_So_Innovative » Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:07 pm

Quality :alon:

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