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Go-Kart / Piggyback Strat

Discussions about Bully Speedrunning.
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New Kid
New Kid
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Go-Kart / Piggyback Strat

Postby beepop100 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:12 pm

Hi All,

I have just uploaded a new strat video on how to keep using the go-kart after completing the errands 'Lost Teddy Bear' and 'Return Stolen Bike'. (This is a strat for a 100% speedrun).

Normally these errands require you to walk/bike a fair distance away from the go-kart in order to complete them. This is inconvenient during a run as the go-kart usually despawns - as the go-kart is a distance of ~80 (in-game) meters away from it.

Knowing this, as shown in the video, I ensure that the go-kart is less than 80 (in-game) meters away from me. I did this by 'piggybacking' the go-kart and the teddy bear/bike one at a time towards the requestee of the errand.

Speaking of errands: I have created a google document that lists all errand information (and a checklist) that allows the completion of all 50 errands easily and without any annoyance. IMO it's the most comprehensive and accurate errand information/fact sheet on the internet. (As mentioned in the document, you can find a video guide on how to complete and find errands in this playlist by GTA series. It's the playlist in which I learnt where all the errands are located in the game).

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Class Skipper
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Re: Go-Kart / Piggyback Strat

Postby TheGreasyStrangler » Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:40 pm

This is really cool man! Good job!
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